Ceres Organics, Winter Beans & Greens On Toast


1 can borlotti beans, strained/rinsed

1 can cherry tomatoes

3 tbsp Ceres olive oil

½ onion

½ leek

3 clove garlic

Pinch chilli flakes/cayenne, pinch cinnamon, pinch fennel, pinch paprika

Tbsp vegetarian worcestershire (coco aminos?)

1 bunch silverbeet, washed, whites sliced

Handful fresh herbs (I used parsley/coriander)

Thick sliced Day old grainy bread


15 minutes and that is IT! This banging dish is sooo quick and easy. Hearty and tasty. You won’t be disappointed. Sub in some chicken, tofu or even a poached egg!

  1. Heat heavy based pan to medium with a good couple lugs of olive oil

  2. Add onions and garlic and spices and melt, season

  3. Add the beans, tomatoes, greens & herbs, cover with lid, cook 10mins

  4. Check seasoning, add worcestershire

  5. In another non stick pan, heat a small puddle of olive oil to smoking, add the bread and fry couple mins each side, don’t burn!

  6. Top with the beans and a cloud of luscious parmesan. BOOM!

Samuel Campbell