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"Exploring the worlds cuisine and cultures,

I bring to the table a diverse global tapestry

of culinary experiences". 

Sam Campbell has a passion for simple, fresh and seasonal food that brings big
flavours. His interest in food started at a young age back in Taranaki, New Zealand, cooking and eating what was grown on the family farm.

Sam has since travelled the world collecting inspiration from Europe, the United
Kingdom, USA, the Caribbean and South Pacific. He has worked on super yachts, creating stunning menus based on local and seasonal products available daily. Sam has been the private chef of Saudi royalty, international film directors and actors developing an astute understanding of his clients’ distinguished palates and diet preferences.

Though Sam’s cooking is internationally inspired - his food still carries the home-
grown values instilled in him by his family.

2017 & 2018 were big years for Sam, his first Television Show as Chef on The Healthy Food Guide, with the opening of his first two food venues as
shareholder and chef de cuisine in at Welles Street, and culinary consultant to Earl, in Christchurch. He recently completed balancing an Auckland based portfolio with the Britomart Hospitality Group, Auckland.

2019 saw Sam’s own personal business showcase his honest seasonal fare, hosting a summer long restaurant opup at Wet Jacket Wines, in Queenstown. He relocated to Sydney for the warmer winter months it provides, to network further into the Luxury Market as Private Chef and gain valuable culinary skills from this world-class food city. Sam is excited to be sharing his passion, knowledge and advice with a broader audience.